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Just got my Nakashima driver (with matrix ozik golf shaft , at 461/4 inches, stiff flex).... What a vicious hammer of a golf club!!! The ball screams off the face... low trajectory (7.5 degree ) and rolls forever... Nothing like it with any other "conforming" driver... and I think I've hit them all... You have one over the top sports car of a driver there... So much FUN to hit... And does it hit solid!!! I put a good swing on it... and I'm rewarded... and yet a less than perfect swing give me still a usable drive... straight and long... Others at the range have "tried" to hit it... and though they get massive distance... the set up of shaft - length - loft does not suit them... Change the shaft and they'll do fine... What holds them back from getting the "conforming" monster ...I have no clue!!! Their loss... and my gain... Wanted to let you know of your great product... Thank you for making my golf even MORE FUN!!!!!!!

Dr. Bill Girouard,
Medford, MA

Just wanted to let you know how much my little nephew liked the bang driver I bought from you for him for Christmas. His dad told me he's hitting the ball 50 yards farther than he has ever hit one before. He loves it.
Thanks so much.
Bob Lipply
Tampa Bay Real Estate

This past March 31, I had the pleasure of playing in a scramble tournament called “Stars and Pars” in Riverview, Fl. This event benefited Special Olympics.

300 yards .com hosted the Longest Drive Contest. In order to participate the golfer had to use the ES450. My three team mates ( all male) hit their drives out of bounds to the left, right and to the left again. After just one practice swing with the club I launched one over 250 yards. I had never hit a ball that long. It did not matter that the ladies tee was about 40 yards closer than the men’s tees; I proudly put my name on the “longest drive” marker – and it stood. You should have seen the looks when my name was announced as winner of the “longest drive” contest. My prize was a gift certificate for dinner and most importantly the ES450 Driver that I hit! The next day I played in another event and won the longest drive again.

I have played in over 8 events since winning the ES450 driver. I have won 6 longest drive contests. I am averaging 240 yards off the tee box! Oh, and to let you know, I am not a youngster. I will not give you my actual age but I am over 45!.

I just wanted to let you know how great your product is. I am seriously considering getting more clubs from you!

Jeane Bly
Tampa, Florida


Customer: Sean O., Mesa, AZ

Comments: I received my driver and I'm happy as heck. I got on in 2, putting for eagle at a 560 yard par 5! Thanks and I will definitely buy from you again.


Customer: Hillel G., Baltimore, MD

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Great variety; excellent unbeatable prices (I did my research); quick shipping. I love this store, and wish the owner lots of success. I'll be back. Highly recommended to all.


Customer: Greg R. MD, Greece

Comments: You guys are real professionals despite the slight problem with backorder on the head I wanted... I really thank you for your helpful attitude in getting me what I wanted in a timely fashion.


Customer: Andrew H., Athens, GA

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Good product, quick delivery, fantastic price. Highly recommended.


Customer: Isaac C., Dawsonville, GA

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Blazingly Fast Shipping; Product quality for the price is excellent.

Customer: Scott M., Newcastle NSW Australia

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Customer support regarding any inquiries about the products & shipping were answered promptly and courteously. Delivery was quick & reliable. 100% satisfied & I'm hitting the ball farther than I ever have.

Customer: Christina L., West Lawn, PA

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Excellent customer service, received package sooner than expected. Top quality merchandise. Will definitely use in the future!

Customer: Michael O., Melbourne, FL

Rating: Good

Customer: John G., Enola, PA

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Excellent products and very fast delivery.

Customer: Duane K., Germantown, MD

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Be Prepared for a superb merchant who goes above and beyond in order to ensure my satisfaction. I would definitely use them again.

Customer: Richard J., Walnut, CA

Rating: Good

Comments: I was pleasantly surprised when the ordered product arrived on time. I was very impressed. I will shop again on-line for this reason. Keep up the good work.

Customer: Ron H., Tucson, AZ

Rating: Excellent

Comments: BE PREPARED 300Yards.com stands behind their products and will bend over backwards to make sure you're taken care of.

Customer: Cindy L., Torrance, CA

Rating: Good

Customer: Craig A., Bronx, NY

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Very fast service, great website presentation, obviously cares about customer service, already referred others to this site, will be doing business with them again soon.

Customer: Nancy R., Jessup, MD

Rating: Good

Customer: Kathleen C., Utica, IL

Rating: Excellent

Comments: Prompt, professional and quality product.

Customer: Timothy N., Kenosha, WI

Rating: Good

Customer: Joshua M., Dover Twp., NJ

Rating: Excellent

Comments: The buying process was quick, easy and I felt surprisingly secure in that I didn't have to release valuable credit card information to them, because I was paying with paypal. Their prices are near impossible to match, making them my choice of web shopping as their inventory increases.

Order: Customer: Edward T., Red Oak, IA

Rating: Good

Comments: The kind of service you want.

Customer: Cher D., Richmond, CA

Rating: Good

Customer: Irene W., Irvine, CA

Rating: Good

Customer: Dean E., Kent, WA

Rating: Good

Customer: Jared S., Spring Valley, IL

Rating: Excellent