Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic Driver Shaft

Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic Driver Shaft
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Ballistic KG70-D is a Mid-Balance, Mid-Kick point advanced composite shaft pre-loaded with a visible fiber structural grid Engineered according to each flex, delivering balanced strength from butt to tip, producing medium-high Ballistic trajectory with exceptional stability and feel.
Flex Code (Flex) Kick Point Balance Point Torque (°) Tip Butt Frequency Shaft Length Weight
D50 (2X) MID 54% 4.3° 8.50mm 16.10mm 290cpm 46" 73g
D40 (X) MID 53% 2.9° 8.50mm 15.80mm 270cpm 46" 70g
D30 (S) MID 51% 2.7° 8.50mm 15.70mm 255cpm 46" 66g
D20 (R) MID 51% 4.7° 8.50mm 15.50mm 240cpm 46" 65g
D10 (A) MID 49% 5.0° 8.50mm 15.30mm 215cpm 46" 58g