Nippon N.S. Pro WT 6000 Fairway Wood Shaft

Nippon N.S. Pro WT 6000 Fairway Wood Shaft
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N.S.PRO WT 6000 lightweight Graphite shafts — designed to increase carrying distance through maximum shaft flexibility. Thanks to proprietary Deflection Modular Control (DMC) design that locates shaft weight toward the grip, the WT Series lets you enjoy full, easy swings — even with large heads. What's more, Nippon Shaft's exclusive Special Tip Construction makes sure each model can withstand strong impacts — for faster head speed and smoother swings. The bottom line? You enjoy the ideal trajectory — compliments of Nippon Shaft.
Model Flex Length Inch Weight (G) Balance Point (%) Torque (°) Kick Point Butt OD Tip OD
FW R 44 65.0 54.0 3.4 Middle 0.600" 0.335"
FW S 44 68.0 54.5 3.3 Middle 0.602" 0.335"
FW X 44 72.0 55.0 3.3 Middle 0.606" 0.335"