Nippon N.S. Pro 750GH Wrap Tech

Nippon N.S. Pro 750GH Wrap Tech
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The N. S. PRO 750GH Steel shaft for irons (Ultra-lightweight) —the shaft that takes "light" to the next level. The N.S.PRO 750GH features a stronger shaft — compliments of the four carbon filament sheets in the grip and that are wound using a special process. A new concept in composites to create a shaft that features — lightness, hard-hitting feel and power in the same model. Weighing in at only 75 grams, it's packed with the latest technology — to capture golfers' imaginations and mark it as the leader of the light generation.
  • The Lightest N.S.PRO steel shaft ever.
  • Improved grip strength for a stable, fluid swing.
  • Faster head speed makes finding your tempo easy.
  • Four light, strong graphite filament sheets (Tetra-Axis) for less vibrations.
  • Revolutionary grip for ultimate accuracy.
  • The carry distance of graphite, the control of steel.
Product Flex Length Inch (Iron #) Weight (G) Balance Point (%) Torque (°) Kick Point Butt OD Tip OD
RI-2N16PRO R 38.5-35.0 (#3-#W) 79.00 51.3 2.2 Tip 15.10 9.02
SI-2N16PRO S 38.5-35.0 (#3-#W) 83.00 51.3 2.1 Tip 15.10 9.02