Nippon N.S. Pro 1050GH Shaft Set

Nippon N.S. Pro 1050GH Shaft Set
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There's no shortage of golfers who like their lightweight shafts a little heavier. "I like to meet the ball with hard impact." "I like the touch of the old steel shafts." The N.S.PRO 1050GH is a professional model designed for golfers like this — the kind who like to swing hard and enjoy the solid feel of additional weight. It features easier contact than regular weight shafts — to help give your swing greater consistency.
Product Flex Length Inch (Iron #) Weight (G) Balance Point (%) Torque (°) Kick Point Butt OD Tip OD
RI-T15 PRO R 39.0"-35.0" (#2-W) 106.00 51.5-51.5 2.1-1.7 Mid 0.600" 0.355"
SI-R15 PRO S 39.0"-35.0" (#2-W) 109.5 51.5-51.8 2.0-1.6 Mid 0.600" 0.355"
XI-I14 PRO X 39.0"-35.0" (#2-W) 114.0 51.9-52.1 1.7-1.4 Mid 0.600" 0.355"