Nakashima NTEC 2.80 Tour Ti Fairway Wood

Nakashima NTEC 2.80 Tour Ti Fairway Wood
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The Ntec 2.80 Tour Ti Fairway Wood is the most versatile fairway wood ever made! This revolutionary Ti Fairway Wood combines both 'Nakashima Removable Head and Shaft Technology' and 'Nakashima H/T (Heel/Toe) Weight Technology'.

This will be the best performing Fairway Wood you ever hit, Guaranteed!

As with all Nakashima Htec and Ntec Fairway Woods every aspect can be customized to your exact needs. Loft, Face Angle, Shaft, Shaft Weight, Shaft Frequency, Club Length, Swing Weight, Gross Weight, Grip Style, Grip Size, Internal Head Weighting (Draw or Fade Bias) and Sound!
Loft 3 wood - 14* 3 wood - 15*
Volume 170cc 170cc
Face Height 35mm 35mm
Lie 58* 58*