Nakashima NTEC 2.80 Deep Face

Nakashima NTEC 2.80 Deep Face
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The Ntec 2.80 DF Driver represents Nakashima's 4th Generation 'Adjustable Driver with Removable Head and Shaft Technology'.

We have found that when a golfer miss-hits a driver, they consistently miss the face in one of two ways, Vertically or Horizontally. The Deep Face of the Ntec 2.80 DF Driver greatly expands the "sweet-spot" Vertically and gives gofers who have a tendency to miss high on the face maximum room for forgiveness.

You will be amazed how far your "misses" will be with your perfectly fit Nakashima Ntec 2.80 DF Driver!
Loft 8.5* 9.5* 10.5* 11.5* 13* 15.0*
Volume 450cc 450cc 450cc 460cc 460cc 460cc
Lie 57* 57* 57* 57* 57* 57*
Length 45" 45" 45" 45" 45" 45"