Miura PP-NEO UT Hybrid

Miura PP-NEO UT Hybrid
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-FWS (Floating Weight Structure)
By having the 35 gram weight of the FWS positioned just above the sole, the center of gravity is positioned perfectly to reduce spin just enought to promote the best possible flight of the ball. The lower spin rate achieves two results: impressive distance and the ideal trajectory for pinpoint accuracy.

-Unique head shape
The shape of the head is designed in such a way that the moment you step in to your shot, you will feel confident that the ball will "soar". The matte black coating on the crown makes the head appear smaller and more compact than its actual size. This, along with the silver finish of the face, gives a pleasing contrast that promises easy alignment of the clubface and a strong penetrating trajectory.

-Bold multi black design
The matte black coating on the crown combined with the black IP finish on the sole give this multi black club head a bold impression of fierce power and speed.