Miura LH Tournament Blade "Y" Grind Iron

Miura LH Tournament Blade
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As with all of Miura’s forged iron heads, the patented forging process creates an ultra smooth surface and tight dimensional tolerances with the Series 1957 Tournament Blade. The result is a blade with unmatched feel and precision. Miura's forging techniques rearrange the molecular structure of the mild steel in a pattern that is uniform throughout the club head. This eliminates void spots in the club face. This process assures that every Miura club in your bag has the distance control, ball flight, spin, and feel that any golfer should demand. Using the foundation of Miura timeless left-handed models, the Blade and Cavity Back, the Y Grind has allowed Miura Golf to deliver two additional offerings to the Left Handed Golfer. The Y Grind, although most visible on the sole and leading edge, actually encompasses many more subtle changes to the club head. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the head, including head weight, density, and overall balance. These refinements elevate the Left Handed Y Grind irons to another level.