Matrix Radix S 4

Matrix Radix S 4
Price: $135.00
  • Description
The Matrix Radix S 4 shaft weighs in the range of 46 grams to 52 grams and has a high spin rate. It also conforms to a high launch. The shaft is more recommended for golfers with a lower trajectory that want to get their ball flight up. Since the shaft itself is so light, it's not recommended for those with a higher swing speed unless they're specifically looking to increase distance.

The Matrix Radix S HD uses the HD design derived from the Matrix HD shafts. What that means to the golfer is a longer lifespan of the shaft, and more consistency with each swing.

This ultra-light Radix S HD golf shaft is mainly recommended for senior or lady golfers or for golfers looking to radically increase their swing speed and distance.