Honma Beres Perfect Switch 460 Driver

Honma Beres Perfect Switch 460 Driver
Price: $910.00

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The new Amazing Spec Perfect Switch Driver will be available in two models, a 460 Type and a 440 Type. The 460 will feature a shallow back head and shallow face with deeper CG and higher MOI. The 460 will of course be aimed at the average golfer while the 440 is aimed at the better golfer with a high back head and deeper face. The CG is moved forward in the head and is a touch higher meaning low spin and a more penetrating trajectory for the 440 Type. The 460 will be 45.5" and the 440 45" both sporting shafts specifically for each model.

Now on to the important part, the Perfect Switch adjustable head which features what Honma dubs the Non-Rotating System. Like FCT from Taylormade, the Perfect Switch can be adjusted for face angle, loft and lie. There are Eight different positions the system can be set in not unlike TM's FCT system. The key difference here is the Perfect switch makes the adjustments from the heel of the driver rather than rotating the sleeve and shaft like FCT. So using the supplied Wrench PLUS Socket, you can make any adjustments WITHOUT rotating the shaft hence the name Non-Rotating System. Honma believes this optimizes performance of the shaft by ensuring the shaft always stays in it's optimal position which is with the shaft's spine properly aligned no matter what setting is chosen on the driver.

The so called dial or position indicator is broken into 4 points with in between settings as well. All the settings on the left position are fade biased while the right sided settings are draw biased.
Head Material/Manufacturing Process 6-4titanium/Casting
Face Material/Manufacturing Process 6-4titanium/forging
Available Lofts 10*
Head Volume 450cm3
Lie Angle 59*