Honma Beres Perfect Switch 390 Driver

Honma Beres Perfect Switch 390 Driver
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Non-Rotating System succeeded in fixing the shaft rotation from angle adjustments at 0*. The same swing feel even after angle adjustment because the shaft is fixed at a position for best performance. With this free angle adjustments system,you have more power.

*Non-Rotating System Patent number 4671447 360-degree angle adjustment system

This system allows the golfer to easily set the lie angle, loft angle and face angle(F.A.) without removing and inserting the shaft. The unprecedentedly accurate angle setting lets both amateur and athlete golfers to propel the ball to the target.
Head Material/Manufacturing Process 6-4titanium/Casting
Face Material/Manufacturing Process 6-4titanium/forging
Available Lofts 9*
Head Volume 395cm3
Lie Angle 58*