Graphite Design G-40 Red Graphite Wood Shaft

Graphite Design G-40 Red Graphite Wood Shaft
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The G Series Red shaft with X Directional Technology (XDT) is the next generation of premium Graphite Design shafts and is designed to be very adaptable to today’s new head technology. Available in six weight categories, the G-Series wood shafts offer a wide range of shaft weights and launch angle characteristics to golfers of all skill levels. The G Series lighter weight 40g and 50g series offer a mid/high launch angle, the mid weight 60g and 70g series produce a piercing mid launch trajectory and the heavier 80g and 90g series favors a low/mid ball flight.
Flex Length (in) Weight (g) Tip OD (in) Tip Para. (in) Butt OD (in) Torque Kick pt Launch Spin
R2 46 49 0.335 2.5 0.598 5.8 Low High Mid
R 46 50 0.335 2.5 0.600 5.8 Low High Mid
S 46 52 0.335 2.5 0.602 5.8 Low/Mid Mid/High Mid