Fujikura Blur 004 assembled with Adjustable Tip

Price: $194.00

  • Description
The Fujikura Blur 004 is designed for the golfer looking for a very lightweight shaft that swings fast without hurting control and stability. The Blur 004 has a very soft tip due to a higher than average torque.

The Fujikura Blur 004 will launch in the mid range, and conforms to a mid spin. This makes it playable by almost any golfer at any level. However, if you're currently having issues with accuracy, the Blur 004 shaft may not be the best for you. The Blur 004 is specifically a distance increasing shaft.

The Fujikura Blur 004 is available in two colors: red and blue. The main color of the shaft remains the same as you see in the picture above, but the wording Blur and a few other things change to red. The overall specifications between the Red and Blue Blur 004 shafts do not differ at all.

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