Aldila Quaranta Sapphire 50 Graphite Wood Shaft

Aldila Quaranta Sapphire 50 Graphite Wood Shaft
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The ALDILA® QUARANTA™ Sapphire is a high-performance, ultra lightweight sub-50 gram golf shaft. It has a smooth bend profile provides a responsive tip and mid-section, balanced by a more stable butt-section. The QUARANTA™ Sapphire is lighter weight and has a lower torque than the QUARANTA™ Blue Series, and features premium ion plating and is strengthened with high-modulus MR70 carbon fiber that helps it launch lower, with a flatter ball flight.

The ALDILA® QUARANTA™ Sapphire features a premium Ion Plated (IP) finish and high modulus MR70 carbon fiber for added strength and stability.
Flex Trim Code Butt Dia. (in) Tip Dia. (in) Weight (g) Length (in) Torque (°) Tip Section Bend Point
R F 0.602 0.335 52 45.0 4.7 3.0 Mid
S/R F 0.606 0.335 55 46.0 4.6 3.0 Mid
S F 0.608 0.335 56 46.0 4.6 3.0 Mid