Aldila NV Magnum 44 Graphite Wood Shaft

Aldila NV Magnum 44 Graphite Wood Shaft
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The ALDILA® NV® Magnum is the first truly high performance, ultra lightweight, sub-50 gram shaft design. Typical ultra light shafts give up strength, flex, torsional stiffness, and overall stability in an effort to chase lighter weights. Aldila engineers have combined exclusive carbon fiber materials and resins with an innovative Magnum shaft profile with our exclusive Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) to achieve the highest level of performance possible in an ultra lightweight shaft. By taking advantage of the mechanical benefits provided by its unique structural profile, the NV® Magnum offers optimum flex and torque characteristics for the better player while still maintaining the incredible feel that made the original NV® the best selling aftermarket shaft in history.
Flex Trim Code Butt Dia. (in) Tip Dia. (in) Weight (g) Length (in) Torque (°) Tip Section Bend Point
A F 0.615 0.335-0.350 43 46.0 5.6 2.5 Mid
R F 0.615 0.335-0.350 44 46.0 5.6 2.5 Mid
S F 0.615 0.335-0.350 45 46.0 5.6 2.5 Mid
X F 0.620 0.335-0.350 48 46.0 5.6 2.5 Mid
TX F 0.618 0.335-0.350 49 46.0 5.6 2.5 Mid